Sand Hill Partners provides seed capital, mentoring, and experienced, hands-on help for early stage technology startups in Silicon Valley.

We show entrepreneurs how to quickly nail the product that will sell and build a repeatable, scalable business model. We create smart, fun startups that are great places to work and will forever ruin you for working in a big company again.

Sand Hill Partners offers proven methods for solving the big problems all startups face:

  • Find the successful business model in an undefined or new market
  • Determine simple messaging that makes everybody “get it”, and want to buy it
  • Spec out the product that ships on time and sells well
  • Build an irresistible investor pitch
  • Create a high-performance culture where people love working
  • Know if you’re hiring the right person for the job
  • Create compensation plans without unintended consequences
  • Design the organization to scale and grow profitably
  • Execute a smooth and positive leadership transition

Want to know the Critical Success Factors for your business right now? Take a few minutes with the free Sand Hill Partners Online Assessment. Of course, for a full assessment we really need to sit down with you and talk. But entrepreneurs and VC’s tell us this short online assessment is pretty close (that is, as long as your answers are pretty close.)

And it’s kind of fun. You start right here:

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